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Meet Your Local Legal Ally

When you are confronting a deeply personal legal problem, it is critical to work with a qualified professional who understands your concerns and is as committed to your case’s outcome as you are.

Not all attorneys in South Carolina offer this level of dedication because they prioritize a heavy case load over providing quality representation. At these “case mills,” the focus is on closing out client files quickly rather than taking the time to do what is best for a client. As a client, you may discover this type of approach may not achieve the most favorable outcome for your situation.

I am attorney Terence M. Hoffman, and I do not embrace the case mill business strategy. I carefully select the cases that I take because I know how overwhelming the legal process is. I want to give each client the high-touch service they deserve. Since 2008, individuals in and around Summerville have considered me their local legal ally. You can, too.

I am Not Your Typical Attorney, And That Works In Your Favor

I have not followed the path of typical second- and third-generation attorneys. My unorthodox background benefits my clients because I can relate to their daily struggles. I was raised in a blue-collar family in South Carolina and served in the army before enrolling in college and law school. At school, I balanced my responsibilities as a student with my obligations as a father. I founded my practice, Terence M. Hoffman, LLC, in 2008 from my kitchen table.

As a solo practitioner, I served as the main point of contact for my clients, managing all aspects of their cases. My clients received my undivided attention and commitment to their well-being, and they continue to do so today. Thanks to my emphasis on customer-centered representation and record of success, most of the new cases I take are referral-based.

I invite you to consult with me and you will discover the many benefits my representation offers. I take pride in my ability to relate to others, explain complex matters clearly and identify straightforward solutions for complicated issues. As your advocate, I will make it my mission to protect your best interests, which includes your financial best interests. You should expect nothing less when you entrust your case to a lawyer.

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