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I can assist you in preparing a will, how to amend or revoke an existing one, explain the benefits and limitations of wills, and more. Other topics include an overview of inheritance law, information about challenging a will, a discussion of living wills, and a list of important factors for married couples to consider.


A power of attorney is a legal document which allows you to appoint another person to act as your agent to manage your health, property, financial and other affairs. A power of attorney can begin immediately or go into effect at some time in the future such as if you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions over your affairs. A power of attorney allows your spouse, a parent, or another competent person to act for you in your behalf. They are required in certain situations when a person is unable to act on their own behalf, such as being disabled or away on military service or other duties. The main purpose of a power of attorney is to appoint someone to make decisions, sign documents, and carry out other important acts when you are unable.


Litigation involving contested wills is managed by the Section. Section attorneys also manage the suits regarding the construction, modification and termination of wills and trusts.


Our Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to represent you as a probate lawyer. Probate is the process of clearing title of assets from an estate to the heirs.The probate court process can sometimes be time consuming, expensive, confusing, and frustrating. Having an attorney on your side to help navigate you through the system can help save countless hours and dollars. An already stressful time period after the passing of a loved one can be made much easier with someone on your side. A personal representative or executor is one that is charge of handling an estate. Our Law Firm can help represent you as a personal representative in all aspects of handling an estate including; Opening An Estate Notice To Heirs Notice To Creditors Inventory And Appraisement Creditor Claims Deed Of Distribution Closing An Estate Family Settle Agreements The probate process may also include aspects of estate litigation, will contest, or proving a common law marriage. If you need help with estate administration please schedule an appointment by phone at (843) 764-9883 or by e-mail.

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"I would highly recommend Terence M. Hoffman. He helped me with my family matter as well as prepared my will. Mr. Hoffman has helped many of my friends from family court, probate, will preparation, and personal injury. He is very knowledgeable with all areas of the law and has been an asset to me when dealing with legal matters."
Terri Wall
"Mr. Hoffman was such a pleasure to work with. He provided me with a wealth of information and made me feel at ease about my case.

I highly recommend him to represent anyone who is looking for a true professional."
Bradley Lawson
"I got hit in the back on Ashley Phosphate road in 2017. I've never been in an accident before and wasn't sure what to do or who to call. I was referred to Terence Hoffman. Mr Hoffman and his team were very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. Mr. Hoffman definitely made that experience much easier and painless. "
Tai Wright

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